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What is Infinity: The Game?

In short, infinity is a 28mm futuristic skirmish tabletop game. Players use small forces of 6-15 figures to undertake clandestine operations for their chosen faction 175 years in the future. Where sleek powered armour, thermo-optic camouflage, cyber warfare and a host of other exotic technologies are at your disposal.

The rules are deep, when combined with being translated can be challenging at first, yet very balanced and very very free

The figures are, in this writers opinion, absolutely gorgeous and the range of aesthetic themes and styles are sure to please many a discerning collector. You can look at the real thing right here at Redzeed in fact!


The game itself is action packed, deadly and fully engaging.

It's always your turn

Infinity uses a different kind of game play to keep both players on their feet. Each figure contributes an order to the army, this order pool creates a resource for the player to use, and use however he or she may like - there are no phases. In addition, every order the active player uses allows the reactive player an automatic reaction order or ARO for each figure that can see the activated figure. 

Yes, you can use all your orders on your best figure, or 2-3 orders on a number of figures. The possibilities and strategies are numerous. But remember, everything is lethal in infinity. 

But my dudes keep getting shot?

All that lethality and ARO's are going to quickly turn your forces into bullet sponges. Thats where terrain comes in, lots of it. Infinity games love lots of cover: high vantage points, dense urban or jungle avenues or even spaceship interiors. Any kind of battlefield you can think of will suit infinity, be sure to be generous with the amount how much of it blocks line of fire.


This is both a pro and a con of the game; It can be a challenge to get enough terrain, the right kind of terrain and have it look good next to those pretty pretty models. On the flipside, each game of infinity can be vastly different just by shuffling the terrain around, adding a thing here or there or taking a few things out. 

Getting enough terrain can be easier than you might think, whether you are supplementing your current stock or filling out a whole table there are a few options;

1. Quick, easy and portable (and surprisingly good looking) is to grab some paper terrain, print onto thicker paper stock or card and get a folding. Best I've used is Toposolitario: for free, easy and good looking paper terrain.

2. Time more precious than money? Purchase some very very good looking lasercut buildings from Micro art studios or Bandua: the official stockists of infinity themed goodies, including lasercut buildings, official tokens and objective makers. The number of other reputable and excellent lasercutting terrain retailers is growing day by day, notable mentions are Warmill, sarissa and Warsenal but there are so many popping up.

3. Build it! grab some foam card from your local art store or plasticard from a local plastic sheet supplier or even use cardboard and get creating. Some excellent scratch built examples on the community forums.

So, about those free rules you mentioned

Yes well, to get a couple things straight Corvus Belli has supplied the rules in two formats;

  • Hard cover books packed with back story of the universe and factions and artwork, as well as the rules! Three releases so far, no new editions, each version is a stand alone copy with all new material: They are "Core Book 2nd edition", "Human Sphere" and "Campaign Paradiso"


  • Completely and utterly free to download PDFs - don't believe me? Check out thedownload page at Corvus Belli's homepage
  • Bonus point! Infinity also has a regularly updated official rules wiki which includes hot linking and up to date FAQ handily stored under the relevant rules items

During your stop at the wiki, you should also check out the youtube videos which not only include an intro to the background and factions, goes into some rundowns on some of the core rules in a pleasing visual way.



                                                                          And now that you are completely sold on starting infinity... 


Here's some handy tips and links

To help you get started on your journey a collection of tips and links;

  • Start small - infinity has many rules and nuances, as well as playing quite differently to a lot of tabletop games. Give yourself time to get accustomed to the core mechanics before laying on the extra toys. You'll thank me later
  • Get a head start with some essential readings straight from the beating heart of the infinity community;
  • Put that knowledge to use with free army building software;
  • If you are in Auckland or Wellington and looking for other players or a demo, drop me a line in the comments below or PM Alphz on the forums
  • Sign up to the infinity player map to find players near you .

Stay Connected.


Want to know more? 

(or missed a link)

Corvus Belli homepage good just for looking at beeeeautiful miniatures + download free rules, and links to many other resrouces

Toposolitario for free, easy and good looking paper terrain

Micro art studios the official stockists of infinity themed goodies, including lasercut buildings, official tokens and objective makers

InfinityWiki for all your infinity playing needs

Beasts of war who did a spotlight on infinity last year and update regularly with releases and other bits

International forums friendly, helpful and packed with good stuff, make yourself known!

Datasphere forums as an alternative to the official and gets updates from the smorgasboard of terrain retailers 

List building advice

Advanced tips and tricks

Alternative army builder Aleph toolbox by Aleph - works great on Android